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Looking for a Restaurant that Provides Organic Food in California?

Posted Date: September 14, 2009

When you look forward to a lunch or dinner out, your mind probably goes to favorite flavors, cooking techniques, and how the meal is presented on the plate so that you know it has been prepared with skill and care. You expect excellent service and a pleasant ambiance. These are certainly essential parts of the dining out experience.

What you might not think about is where the food on your plate actually comes from, and the impact the production of those food items has on the economy, the environment, and your health. The recently released film, "Food Inc." brings these issues to light, exposing America’s industrialized food industry and its wide-reaching effects.

Filmmaker Robert Kenner tackles the topics of factory farming in the U.S., the effects of pesticides and genetic engineering on foods and our health, pending food borne illness legislation, and the benefits of supporting local, sustainable and organic farms.

At Paul Martin’s American Bistro, our mantra, "Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local." creates the foundation of our dining experience. We don’t put just any food on our plates we spent over a year thoughtfully selecting sources for our menu who meet our criteria. Our dream was to provide the highest quality meals created from fresh, local, peak of the season ingredients, meat raised in a humane and wholesome way, and artisan breads, cured meats and cheeses from small local purveyors.

We have realized that dream, and are proud to have partnered with vendors such as Coke Farms, Weiser Family Farms and Fulton Valley Farms, just to name a few. Our commitment to partnering with our extensive list of dedicated local farms and purveyors remains the cornerstone of our business philosophy. You’ll find us listed in the Eat Well Guide along with other farms, markets and restaurants that support local, organic and sustainable practices.

Dinner and a though provoking movie? Join us for a soul-satisfying and superbly prepared meal that you can feel great about before or after the show.