When restaurateur Paul Fleming moved to Napa Valley and tasted the difference in eating fresh, unadulterated food straight from the land, there was no going back. “You don’t know what better is until you actually experience it,” he recalls, and was then determined to offer back-to-basics eating all across America.

Chef and restaurateur Brian Bennett shared his mission. When Brian’s wife became pregnant with their daughter, he researched staples of the American diet, learning how the chemicals and added hormones in everyday foods negatively impact our bodies. It changed the way he wanted to eat, cook and feed the ones he loved.

Acquainted through a mutual friend, Brian invited Paul to his home for dinner—a meal cooked with the clean, “real food” ingredients that Paul relished. Both men celebrated the difference in flavor and lamented how we no longer know where our food comes from, and how difficult it is for most Americans to access these higher-quality ingredients.

Thus began their quest to change America’s food story.

Paul and Brian knew this story must start at the source. They traveled from family dairy farms in beautiful Tillamook, Oregon to calamari fishermen off the Rhode Island coast to humane cattle ranches in California. Their Never-Settle-Sourcing philosophy centered on the singular aim of partnering with the most conscious and talented farmers and purveyors they could find. And just like that, a new restaurant concept was born.

Paul Martin’s American Grill is on a mission to make the food America loves set to a higher standard—always without hormones or antibiotics—and all served in an environment of convivial and remarkable hospitality. We warmly invite you to enjoy America’s New Food Story.

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