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Maker’s Mark Manhattan Mellow Flavor from Mother Nature

Posted Date: July 11, 2011

Looking for a classic cocktail with a conscience? Join us for a Taste of Paul Martin’s daily from 3-7pm and try our hand-shaken Maker’s Mark Manhattan. Maker’s Mark
cares about the smooth, mellow sipping whisky it produces, using old-fashioned methods that stand the test of time. The distillery credits "Mother Nature" with contributing to their unique bourbon flavor, by providing the 10-acre limestone spring-fed lake used in Maker’s Mark. And of course, what would a great bourbon be without Mother Nature’s grains? Maker’s Mark hand selects yellow corn and red wheat from small, local farming cooperatives that also share the region’s distinctive limestone geology.


The distillery double distills its whisky to preserve the grain’s mellow characteristics, despite the fact that it is a more expensive process. Maker’s Mark also uses a rollermill to prepare the grain for cooking. Although slower and lower-yielding than a more modern hammermill, it doesn’t scorch the grain. Smaller batches, made with exacting care are sampled throughout the maturation process by Maker’s Mark’s tasting panel of 16 people, including the Master Distiller. This ensures that quality and taste stay consistent with every barrel of bourbon produced.


So come in to Paul Martin’s American Bistro and sip a hand-shaken Maker’s Mark Manhattan and enjoy a variety of delectable small plates like slow cooked St. Louis style pork ribs or Smoked Chicken and Wings with housemade pesto slaw along with it.

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