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More on Paul Martin’s American Bistro and Sustainable Agriculture

Posted Date: February 8, 2010

As we have discussed before, sustainable agriculture is a key concept at Paul Martin’s American Bistro. It is also a hot topic these days; it boils down to implementing a farming system that is good for the land, good for the farmers and workers, good for the consumer and good for future generations.

One such farm that has embraced this type of farming is Heirloom Organic Gardens. Since 1970, they have practiced many of the core methods of sustainable farming, including choose pest-resistant crops that are tolerant of existing conditions, maintain healthy soil and developing efficient biological systems that don’t require the use of chemicals.

Paul Martin’s American Bistro takes pride in the organic, sustainable and humane methods used by their vendors, and the folks at Heirloom should be thrilled to know that their products are being prepared at Paul Martin’s restaurants with such care and expertise. What better place for Heirloom produce to land than in an expertly prepared tomato-saffron broth over fresh linguine, or combined with mesquite-grilled fish wrapped in a handmade tortilla to create the freshest fish tacos? Bistro guests will enjoy every delectable bite, and can also feel the satisfaction of supporting farming practices that ultimately benefit all of us.