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More Paul Martin’s American Bistro Brunch Winners!

Posted Date: December 28, 2010

Here are some more emails we received for Paul Martin’s American Bistro Brunch Contest! Enjoy these stories, we did!baconomelete6

“I would love to win a brunch for 4 for various reasons. One to celebrate my daughters pregnancy, I am going to be a first time grandma! I am so excited! Next because my daughter loves your restaurant, we both have been to your Manhattan beach location in southern California when it first opened and love the fact that everything was cooked fresh to order and you had a very healthy menu. I love spending time with my twin daughters! I love family time together, while enjoying food and a nice glass of wine. Our lives are so hurried, beyond control these days and not a lot of time to just relax and enjoy each other! Times have surely changed from back in the day you were off at work at 5 and you had time to enjoy with your family, weekends were yours to enjoy. Now a days with the computers, and smart phones, which by the way were designed for time management LOL we are at everyone’s beck and call!  They want it now!!  Unfortunately, this is our life these days! J This is exactly why I would love to win a brunch for 4, to be able to slow down and give the ones I love, time to discuss baby preparations!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to win~



I just got your email about the brunch for four, and I would love to win it! In the last few months I started watching various food documentaries, from nutritional videos to videos about mass food and meat production.. bleh. I can’t believe I’ve grown up on this garbage and continued to eat it. After you watch those films you start to inspect everything you pick up or order, and when it’s four bite-sized burgers packed with over 4000 mg of sodium, it changes your outlook it was full of preservatives and other additives I probably shouldn’t be eating. So I stopped eating it"¦ Which worked fine, until I wanted to go out to dinner somewhere. Where could I obtain a meal that wasn’t full of processed fakeness? I recall hearing about Paul Martin’s before, but had never been there, and honestly didn’t know what it was about. I decided to go there for a birthday dinner, and boy was I impressed. For starters, the atmosphere within the restaurant was great – the layout, materials, and lighting all mesh together to deliver a warm cozy environment that you feel very relaxed in. Then there’s the food. Wow. Amazing food. Such a huge difference in taste and flavors, your menu offers the traditional comfort foods people want with a slight twist, and it’s organic and fresh. Fantastic combination, besides cooking at home I can’t think of another place where I can get fresh ingredients, a warm intimate atmosphere to relax and talk to friends, and absolutely delicious food that is created from healthy fresh ingredients.

Even if I don’t win the Sunday brunch Roseville, I would like to thank you for having the vision to create a place for my friends and I to enjoy a wholesome healthy meal. I have enjoyed dinner at your Roseville location twice, and would be thrilled to give your brunch menu a try.

Thanks so much,

Tim :)”

The last email for this “edition”

For a family on a budget, we’ve managed (thanks to the restaurant’s special meal pricing) to eat dinner at the Bistro 5 or 6 times since it opened in El Segundo. I’ve seen the brunch promos, and have salivated over the photographs of what breakfast at the Bistro looks like. What exactly are those crunchy looking orbs; just what delicious ingredients are stuffed into the perfect omelet?

We have two kids in college, money is tight, and my husband and I get one date night a week. That date is always dinner, because, well, I guess dining at night is more romantic, and after 30 years together, we need all the romance we can get. So brunch is simply out of the question.

Why should I win a free Paul Martin’s American Bistro lunch? Because the UC’s have increased tuition by approximately 40%, because you have been relentlessly tempting me with food photos for months on end, and because, well, it’s the right thing to do.

Thank you.


Once again, Paul Martin’s American Bistro thanks all entrants! We were so excited with the replies and entries we gave everyone a Free Brunch for Four!

Hope you all enjoy your special Brunch, and those that did not enter, please join us for Brunch (El Segundo & Roseville), Sundays from 10am-2pm, you won’t be disappointed!