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New Market Fresh Fish at Paul Martin’s American Bistro

Posted Date: March 10, 2011

Paul Martin’s American Bistro has a new Market Fresh Fish on the menu – Ono, fresh from Hawai’i, also known as Wahoo. “Ono” is actually Hawaiian for “good to eat” so this fish is known for its taste. The Ono has a mild-sweet tasting, white delicate flesh, smooth, silky texture, but is firm enough for the grill. It is a good source of protein, while being low in fat! Sounds like the perfect fish!

Paul Martin’s El Segundo location serves this delightful fish grilled with fresh pineapple salsa, roasted butternut squash with brown sugar butter and California walnuts. Paired with one of our sustainable white wines (a generous 7oz. pour), and you have a winner!  You will find Ono on the menu Wednesdays – Saturdays. Join us for thoughtful, fresh market fish at thoughtful prices.Fresh Market Fish at Paul Martin's American Bistro

Paul Martin’s El Segundo:  310-643-9300 to reserve your table today!

Paul Martin’s Roseville:  916-783-3600