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New Menu Items at Paul Martin’s American Bistro!

Posted Date: August 16, 2011

Paul Martin’s American Bistro is rolling out some new dishes this month! There are some delicious soups and salads – here’s a look at our lighter fare!

One of the new soups is a roasted tomato soup that has a cream finish and is topped with fresh basil pesto – roasting the tomatoes brings out their natural sweetness. A second soup new on the menu is the local corn and quinoa chowder – roasted corn, quinoa & amaranth (grain), then topped with pablano pesto for an extra punch!

The salads are stunning! The first is a Free Spirit Farms heirloom tomatoes & burrata cheese salad with sweet summer basil – dressed with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper, & a balsamic glaze. (Burrata is “buttered” in Italian, the outside of the cheese is firm while the inside is creamy and delicious). Our new Tuna Nicoise is unlike any you’ve tasted – olive oil house poached albacore tuna, romaine lettuce, fingerling potatoes, fava beans, green beans, persian cucumbers, nicoise olives, heirloom tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette, tomato confit, shaved fennel, and French breakfast radish.

As Paul Martin’s serves fresh, local and seasonal dishes, our menus change with the seasons, giving you the freshest, and fresh tasting new dishes. Visit our Roseville restaurant or El Segundo restaurant for these and other new menu items!