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Paul Martin’s American Bistro Brunch Contest Winners

Posted Date: December 20, 2010

As promised, here are some of the stories sent in for Paul Martin’s Brunch for Four Contest. We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we did!french-toast5

“I would love to win brunch for four at Paul Martin’s so that I could treat myself and three of my closest girlfriends to a fabulous brunch!  We love getting together for gossip, great food and drinks.  We are all in our late twenties and two of us recently had babies!  Our time for frequent get-togethers has slowed down a bit and we all miss each other’s company!  We would love to have brunch together to re-connect and have a great time together like we always do.


Dear Paul Martin’s (a.k.a the place with undoubtedly the BEST burger in town),

I will keep it short and sweet. You are my fiancé and my favorite restaurant by far"¦between the excellent apps, burgers, skirt steak, and amazing vodka tonics, we would eat at your establishment every week if we could. We love your restaurant so much, we are thinking of having our rehearsal dinner there in April. We have always wanted to sit behind the closed off curtain area, and enjoy a fun evening with delicious food and fantastic drinks for all to enjoy. In conclusion, you guys rock and we would love to have a nice brunch, with two people who can share in the mouth-watering delights you serve.

Thanks so much,


And here is one that touches the heart. It is wonderful people remember what this season is all about.

“Holidays are about giving, usually to family and friends.

This holiday season, I’d like to give to my neighbors.  I bought my first home two years ago in a condominium complex. Most of my neighbors are elderly and of fixed income.  Unlike many Angelinos who tend to hide behind their homes, they have proved to be kind and helpful, with diverse backgrounds.

There is Ken, who in his 80s, is the "˜captain’ of our condo ship.  He is entrusted with backup keys for many homeowners’ units, fixes most minor things in the building, and personally helps many homeowners with their units, all while refusing anything in return.

There is Harriet, a sweet woman also in her 80s, who lives alone and has had her daughter recently move far away to northern CA.

And there is Lydia, a sassy grandmother in her 70s, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Most of my elderly neighbors live alone without family nearby so I sometimes wonder how the holidays affect them.  A brunch at Paul Martin’s would be a very special and wonderful treat for them.  I’ve dined at Paul Martin’s many times and know that the quality of the food will exceed their expectations.


And one last one:

I hope a poem is OK to submit.  Here you go:

Brunch for one wouldn’t be so fun

The food would be great,

But lack of company would grate

on my nerves.

Brunch for two would certainly do

If the season were cupid-y

Instead of Bing Crosby-y

being home for Christmas.

Brunch for three for our family

Would leave someone at home

Sad and alone

With a doggie bag and a tear.

Brunch for four, we would score!

A different order

For each hoarder

So we all could share!

By Minnier”

Paul Martin’s American Bistro awarded all entries received Brunch for Four! Thank you for your entries, and we will have some more stories for you later!

For reservations call 916-783-3600 in Roseville and 310-643-9300 in El Segundo.