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Paul Martin’s American Bistro Offers Menu Selections for Special Dietary Needs

Posted Date: September 1, 2009

Serving up organic, fresh meals for diners on restricted, gluten-free or vegetarian diets.

Paul Martin’s American Bistro® is pleased to announce it offers menu options for those with special dietary needs. Offering an organic, fresh menu, Paul Martin’s American Bistro has an assortment of healthy, vegetarian-friendly or gluten-free dishes full of flavor and zest. The bistro welcomes customized orders tailored to patrons’ specific dietary needs, including, but not limited to, low salt or limited sugar or fat.

"If you have restrictions in your diet, let us create a customized meal that meets your specifications and is sure to satisfy your palate," said Brian Bennett, founding partner of Paul Martin’s American Bistro. "We encourage you to talk with your server and don’t hesitate to ask questions or make special requests. Our goal is to prepare fresh, creative and savory dishes to excite your palate and fit into your life style plan."

The bistro’s chefs prepare delectable dishes for special meal requests using fresh herbs and raw ingredients to enhance flavor without the added salt or sugar. Foods are grilled over mesquite and pan roasted to cut down on the fats and oils used in preparing food. When cooking oils are used, Paul Martin’s chefs use olive oils of the highest quality and use them sparingly.

Fresh ingredients are keys to making a flavorful meal. Paul Martin’s American Bistro uses locally-grown, all-natural, organic food. Eighty percent of its vendors are located in Northern California and were thoughtfully handpicked by founders Bennett and Paul Fleming.

Paul Martin’s American Bistro serves tasty vegetarian-friendly entrees and at an affordable price point with choices including: fresh linguini and farmer’s market vegetables, our mushroom burger or roasted summer tomato soup with basil pesto.

"Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. That’s our mantra," said Bennett.

Check out our special menu’s here: