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Paul Martin’s American Bistro Vendor Spotlight

Posted Date: May 26, 2010

Santa Monica Seafood is a family-owned santa-monica-seafood
company with a history dating back to 19th
century Italy. At the cutting edge of
sustainability, their mission is to provide
the highest quality and selection of seafood
at fair and reasonable prices, while recognizing the importance of conservation and maintenance of a healthy environment. The Santa Monica Seafood Company is committed to not only to responsible sourcing of seafood, but to becoming “green” as well. They have “converted their packaging to recycled bio-degradable materials. They sell their seafood waste to protein reclamation centers or provide it to their fishermen for use as bait. They have installed new filtration units on the live tank systems to treat their effluent, installed energy-efficient lighting systems throughout their processing facility, operate computer temperature-controlled  delivery vehicles and work to reduce their food miles by sourcing local whenever possible.” (Santa Monica Seafood Company).