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Read This Review About Paul Martin’s American Bistro

Posted Date: March 8, 2010

review of Paul Martin’s American Bistro
by kjmedia
Mar 7, 2010
“There is a new king on Rosecrans Ave!!! Their seasonal heirloom tomato salad (capitalizing on the best seasonal time of the year for heirloom tomatoes, purchasing them from local farmer’s markets) was the deciding factor in leaping Houston’s for the top spot on Rosecrans.. Since its opening in Feb, 2009, i have definitely frequented this restaurant (Paul Martin’s American Bistro) more than any other (and that goes for all streets).. I love the organic, sustainable fresh local product focus and they did a very nice job with the atmosphere. I get the skirt steak just about every time, comes with maple glazed sweet potato and arugula with the laetitia pinot noir by the glass sold separately..:)”

Thanks for the great review, we love our customers!