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A Restricted Diet Does Not Mean Limited on Flavor

Posted Date: August 18, 2009

If you are conscientious about your food choices finding a restaurant with menus that offer low salt and limited sugar or fat may be challenging. Paul Martin’s American Bistro® specializes in preparing mouth watering entrees for even the most discerning diners. Meals are full of flavor, variety, and diversity. Our chefs create savory dishes that are enjoyed by everyone even those looking for healthier fare.

Paul Martin’s American Bistro chefs thoughtfully prepare delectable dishes for special meal requests using organic, local, seasonal foods. They use fresh herbs and raw ingredients to enhance flavor without the added salt or sugar. Our team grills over mesquite and pan roasts to cut down on the fats and oils used in preparing food and when they do use fats they are olive oils they are of the highest quality and used sparingly. Our goal is to prepare fresh, creative and savory dishes to excite your palate and fit into your life style plan.

The bistro offers a wide variety of choices that meet the requirements of a low-fat, low salt and low sugar diet. Here is just a sampling of some fabulous dishes on the Paul Martin’s American Bistro exciting menu:

Wild Alaskan Halibut Mesquite Grilled Lamb
Cedar Salmon or Grilled Salmon Brick Chicken
Prawn Cocktail Smoked Salmon Lettuce Cups
Seafood Platter Mahi-Mahi
Mushroom Soup Tomato Soup
Smoked Salmon Farmers Market Vegetables

When visiting your local Paul Martin’s American Bistro, speak candidly with our service staff about your conscientious meal preferences. Better yet, email us your healthy choices ahead of time. No matter the request, don’t hesitate to share. We will prepare your meal to your specification. Requests for no sauce or accoutrements, dressings on the side, or no butter or salt are welcomed. Ask us what protein we may bake, broil or roast for you. We want to make your meal an enjoyable experience. Remember at Paul Martin’s American Bistro® you will not sacrifice flavor and excitement when you request a health conscious meal.

At Paul Martin’s American Bistro®, "Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. Love fresh." Check out all menu items at: