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Amazing Yelp Reviews for Paul Martin’s American Bistro El Segundo Restaurant

Posted Date: November 18, 2009

suzi p.
Los Angeles, CA
Amazing food and service!!!! The freshest tasting food I’ve had in L.A.. Everytime I eat there they have wonderful specials and the wine list and drinks are very good! Well worth the drive from West Hollywood to Manhattan Beach!!

Rosemead, CA
I had the great option between Paul Martin’s American Bistro, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (all three is by the same owner!) and I was intrigued with Paul Martin’s exterior so the date and I came here. Valet parking was super nice and cool. My date accidentally locked me in the car when he got out and the Valet guy couldn’t open the door for me so he walked around to the driver’s seat and found the unlock button for me. What a sweetheart. Where was my date? I don’t know.. lOl
We came for dinner and it was pretty dark out but the lighting outside made it very romantic. The inside is so posh! Very upscale but modern. It’s very dimmed inside so it had a very relaxed and romantic feel. The host took my date’s name and party number and told us it would be about a 5 minute wait and if we wanted to wait at the bar. We declined. For a place not too big and not too small, it was pretty packed that night. We were soon seated at a table for two by the windows looking out onto the outside patio. No one was sitting out there because it was pretty chilly and windy that night. Our server was a charming young man who was very helpful and attentive. He brought out some slices of bread and butter, but unfortunately the butter tasted better than the bread! lOl The bread was a little too hard to chew on, but somehow we ended up finishing it all.

The date and I decided to go with the Friday Special. Which is a 3-course meal featuring all natural prime rib, mashed potatoes, soup or salad, and any one of their homemade desserts. We both decided on a caesar salad and it was NOT your typical caesar salad. It was 3 huge whole romaine leaf drizzled in a delicious caesar dressing, crunchy croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese. I also had the server grind some fresh black pepper on my salad. (Can’t eat a salad without it. Table side pepper don’t do justice for flavor!) By the way, this is a salad you eat with a fork and knife! No way around it unless you want cheese and dressing all over your face. I had my prime rib in medium well and the date opt for medium rare. It was sooooo good! Perfectly cooked. I normally go for medium rare but wanted to change things up a bit and was happy I did. It wasn’t dry at all. Very juicy, tender and flavorful. The mashed potatoes was equally as good. Very soft and creamy with cute little chives on top! The great thing about the 3-course meal here is that we both get our own desserts! No sharing. Yay!! I wanted to get the raspberry creme brulee but needed to know if it was served cold or hot. The server said hot. =[ Boo.. Sucks because I can’t eat a hot or warm dessert after a hot meal. I need something cold to satisfy my taste palatte. So I went for the mocha chip ice cream with the shortbread cookies and the date got the banana cream pie. The mocha ice cream is totally orgasm worthy! No lie. They went overload on the chocolate chips though. Too much for one serving. The shortbread cookies were yummy! Simply soft and delicious! I told our server I loved the ice cream but could do without the chocolate chips. Although I finished it anyways. lOl I tried the banana cream pie only because I love the cream but hate bananas. It was pretty tasty, I guess. We had red wine during our meal and it was pretty strong for me, but I drank as much as I could.. I forgot what it was called but they poured some in our glass and left two flask looking glasses of the rest of the wine for us to refill ourselves if we wish to, but the server seem to always come by the right time to notice our glasses were getting empty and he’ll pour it for us himself. I love this place because we don’t have to share our dessert or wine in this course. lOl The service was amazing and the decor is beautiful! So was the people. It’s pretty trendy here and people get a little dressed up. Although I think I was the youngest in that entire restaurant that night. lOl

Overall, I’d definitely come back. Next time, I’m waiting at the bar! =]

melinda k.
I had an early dinner there a few weeks ago and was surprised to see how crowded it was at such an early hour. I ordered a glass of Chardonnay (I think it was Acacia) while I read the menu. The House Salad was my starter with Ranch Dressing, which was delicious. I can never complete my salad … I don’t know why. The main course was the Shrimp Scampi cooked in tomato garlic & lemon butter which was to die for.

The service was very prompt, upbeat and informative. I learned that Paul Martin’s is also P.F. Changs and Flemings. I love all three! Pricing is moderate.

Seashellstew S.
The first time we went, service was so slow, so I was worried about the food. It could have been the fact that we ordered steak well done – that was the excuse they gave us so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I got the Brick Chicken, which was good that night, but was even better the next day as leftovers! I tasted the Smoked Chicken wings which were so good, I swear I’m physically addicted now. Ever since, we’ve been going to this place once or twice a month and we’ve invited several of our friends and so far, they all agree that the food is fabulous. On a budget? Order the Smoked Chicken wings, a side of sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes for two. It’s enough to fill you up once you have a little white Belgium Ale and bread, but won’t break the bank. Sundays are empty in the early evening, but around 6, it picks up, before you know it, it’s crowded. We go so much, we know their flow. Oh, and although it’s a little on the trendy side, kids fit in, just not wild ones. Mine love the place. I’m thinking about getting a part-time gig here so I can learn their secret on those smoked chicken wings, those things are wicked!!! Yelp yourself!