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Great Reviews for Paul Martin’s American Bistro on Yelp!

Posted Date: February 21, 2011
A couple of reviews of Paul Martin’s American Bistro – Roseville location:Paul Martin's American Bistro

One of my favorites in Roseville!  My hubby LOVES the BLT’s here!  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried on the menu.  You can get anything from a burger to oysters, and their bar is very good.  Its about the only place outside of Nevada you can get a cocktail with Absinthe, which means you can pretty much find anything here.  The atmosphere is very nice, comfortable.  The only complaint we’ve made is that once in awhile in the evenings they do not have enough service which makes the service REALLY slow.  If its busy, expect to wait or go really slow with the appetizers. (Stacey C.)

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Love Paul Martin’s. Hostess greet you at the door. If there is a wait, you can step over to the bar and wait or eat there. I feel that an extra server for the bar area would be a help. They make specialty drinks that are not really my cocktail of choice however, they seem to be very popular with the other guests. Great happy hour $4.00 menu. Beef tacos are yummy and for $4.00 you can’t go wrong. But the dish I want to turn you on to is the Short Ribs. It is phenomenal and one of my favorite dishes!

Table service is always good and I have never had to wait a long time for my meal. Over all, I think that Paul Martin’s is good food at a good price with good service. I recommend it for families or date night.

There is also Valet for those who do not want to walk from the back of the parking lot. It’s not far really. 😉

Yay! I’m a fan. (Mike R.)

Reviews on Paul Martin’s El Segundo location:


The food here is great! All their ingredients are bought locally and fresh, and I love that!
The food and service here is great.  I have been here on numerous different occasions, and I always find myself coming back.
When I am here for appetizers, I always go with the butcher’s board. It has different cheese and meats with olives. It goes great with wine, but I am a sucker for cheese.
The oysters here are pretty good, but I wouldn’t say the best. My favorite entree off their menu is the brick chicken. I am not a chicken fan. I would choose beef or pork over chicken any day, but the brick chicken is AMAZING! It is super tender and flavorful! It comes with mashed potatoes and fresh herb jus. So good!
The mac and cheese here is awesome! It is a side dish, so the portion is small but worth getting!  Lastly, I would recommend the banana creme pie! It is so delicious!!! The crust, the bananas, the creme, the chocolate ganache! AHH! So yummy!  The restaurant has a parking structure that you can park in or valet service.
This place is worth trying out! (Connie L.)


This place looks intimidatingly fancy from the outside, but inside its very comfortable with great food for a relatively decent price.

So, for food, started off with the black pepper prawns which were pretty darn good.  Had a healthy amount of lemon to them and the dipping sauce was nice and light.  Not much pepper flavor or much else on the plate though.

The entree was the famous brick chicken, which was pretty much amazing.  The chicken was flattened out and cooked with the skin.  The jus was a perfect compliment to the flavor of the chicken, and the incredibly tender and juicy meat worked well with the crispy skin.  Then add in the rosemary (?) mashed potatoes WITH the jus too and wow!  I’m so glad I ordered this.

Got some green beans and the brussel sprouts for sides.  The green beans were very standard.  Just grilled with some butter.  The brussel sprouts were very tasty, they were finely chopped and cooked with bacon.  Between the two, next time I’ll get the brussel sprouts and try something else next time.

Dessert was the vanilla creme brulee.  I have to admit, it was the first time I’ve ever even tasted creme brulee, and it was totally worth it.  A nice crispy caramelized shell on top, a creamy vanilla custard underneath, and served with some itty bitty slices of lemon and a shortbread cookie and it was awesome.  I had a bite of the banana creme pie, by the way, and that was awesome too.  Sort of a deconstructed pie because of the layers.  Its going to be hard to decide which one to get next time….

Service was pretty good.  Sometimes I was sitting there with an empty glass, but overall the staff were amazingly nice and very helpful (definitely ask for suggestions and recommendations from them if you’re having trouble deciding).

I think this place gets a 4.5 only because the menu was very standard things, nothing to really WOW you.  I’m sure they execute everything very well, though.  Oh, and the whole organic and locally produced food menu?  Pretty sweet! (Andrew R.)

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