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To Our Valued Guests-Important Information about Paul Martin’s American Bistro

Posted Date: September 16, 2010

To Our Guests and Friends,

It was recently discovered that Paul Martin’s American Bistro was attacked by cyber criminals who hacked into our systems and accessed credit card numbers of our customers. We were originally notified by both the Secret Service and local police of the crime and immediately went to work locking down our systems to prevent any future violations.

Unfortunately we have received calls from customers who have had fraudulent transactions appear on their credit card statements. We want to encourage everyone to closely review all of your credit statements to ensure that you have not also been affected by these cyber criminals. If you do see any suspicious or inaccurate transactions on your statement, immediately notify the card issuer.

As a result of this credit card breach Paul Martin’s has engaged a specialized security company to investigate the breach and ensure that future incidents are prevented. While these incidents seem to be more and more common place, Paul Martin’s would like to reassure our guests that we take these incidents and our customers’ privacy very seriously.

We are open for business and confident that, with our enhanced security measures our customers can have a worry free experience at Paul Martin’s American Bistro. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Ben Magana, Operating Partner at (916) 783-3600 or [email protected].


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