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Great Reviews for Roseville’s Paul Martin’s American Bistro

Posted Date: November 22, 2010

Some of the recent reviews that Paul Martin’s American Bistro in Roseville has received from satisfied customers:butternut-squash-soup

“We attended my birthday dinner at Paul Martin’s, and while I was somewhat ambivalent after having read a press release about recent credit card fraud, our visit was a satisfyingly refreshing departure from down- and mid-town irreverence.

Paul Martin’s interior is elegant and tasteful, sophisticated without being too flamboyant. The ambiance is scantily lit by art deco-inspired lanterns; the design palette is comprised of woodsy browns, subtle taupes and hints of gold. And naturally you’d think, rather, hope, that the patronage would echo this grown-up aesthetic, and you’d be wrong. As we waited to be seated, we watched several embarrassingly rowdy forty-something women in painted-on True Religions and boatneck T-shirts–quite incongruous with the setting– saunter with alcohol-infused swagger down the bar for their much older man friends. Thank God the wait wasn’t long.

The menu items are few and not accessibly priced; but order the right dish, and it is possible to eat unusually well. I started with the roasted butternut squash bisque, which was obscenely delicious and swirled with fragrant sage oil. My entree was the wild pacific white prawns with linguine, which was far more than I could eat, and it pained me to watch it return to the kitchen to be inevitably chucked. I savored the sauce as if it were laced with the herbs of endangered plants; it was simultaneously delicate and hearty. My “birthday cake” was the creme brulee, which the chef OWNED by amply flavoring the custardy filling with lemon.

I’d recommend Paul Martin’s to those whose budget is no issue; our bill was $100, and we brought our own wine. Definitely not a weekly endeavor for me.” – Julianna L. (West Sacramento, CA)

“Paul Martin’s continues to impress me each and every time I return.

Their happy hour food menu is pretty decent, with the chicken skewers being my favorite.  Their happy hour beverage menu has a few different types of wines and cocktails.  I prefer a Glen Livet neat or a Grey Goose Martini straight up.

I have had the plank salmon, hangar steak, grill artichokes and prime rib, however I would have to say that the Tuesday night Fried Chicken dinner is probably my favorite, it seems to always bring a pleasing end to a normal work Tuesday!

I wish the bar had more seats, but I guess it’s good that the place still manages to get packed early in the evening with this down economy and all.

To speak to the “pricey” reviews, yes, I would agree that they are pricier than other places in close proximity; however their focus on providing locally sustainable foods is very commendable, and remember you are at a nice place in Roseville, not on the pocket end of Florin Road.

Overall this is a solid place for a few “unwind drinks”, a few appetizers, or to take some friends from out of town, this place will have them re-evaluating their favorite restaurant back home.

I have to recognize the bar staff they are extremely personable, ask for Joe, he is a great guy and amazingly enough always remembers my drink when I walk in, a nice personal touch.

Cheers!”  – Christopher C. (Antelope CA)

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