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Paul Martin’s American Grill Grand Opening…

Posted Date: October 19, 2011

In just a few short weeks, Paul Martin’s American Bistro will be opening its doors to the new Paul Martin’s American Grill at the beautiful Irvine Spectrum Center – Orange County’s premier dining, shopping and entertainment destination.

You’re wondering why Grill and not Bistro? What’s the difference between the two? Well a bistro is more pan oriented – sautéing with delicious sauces, where as a grill is more simple, no sauces, some marinades and salt and pepper to bring out the natural flavors. Our Grill will have four grills, two flat and two mesquite for all our meat and even some veggies!

You could help us celebrate our new Irvine restaurant. You could win four (4) passes to the Grand Opening of the new Paul Martin’s American Grill! Just follow this link and enter!

Keep reading our blog for “the big event!”