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Grilled Artichokes

Posted Date: November 12, 2014


Fall has arrived at Paul Martin’s American Grill! Enjoy the crisp autumn air with our delicious seasonal fall menu, now featuring our grilled artichokes. Offered at lunch and dinner, this is the perfect autumn appetizer to start your made-from-scratch dining experience at Paul Martin’s. Seasoned to perfection and grilled traditionally over a mesquite fire, this wholesome starter is served with pesto aioli and grilled lemon on the side. Our wine experts have recommended sipping a refreshing, chilled Kelly Fleming Sauvignon Blanc with your mesquite grilled artichokes to truly enhance the alluring flavors.


As with all our farm-fresh produce, we’ve meticulously selected the best ripened, fresh artichokes from sun-drenched Castroville, California. Artichokes have flourished here since the 1920s in the Mediterranean-like climate, from where they originated. Along with selecting the perfect location to harvest our artichokes, Paul Martin’s waits for just the right time to purchase, prepare and serve our tasty mesquite grilled artichokes. The location and timing ensures the best quality, taste and texture to our appetizer. This is why we serve our grilled artichokes during autumn, when the Castroville artichokes are at their peak of flavor.


We invite you to come enjoy Paul Martin’s all-natural “Seasonal and Delicious” menu. We offer a fine-dining experience in a casual, warm and inviting atmosphere. With our selection of craft beers, local wines, and house-infused spirits, we are the perfect place to enjoy a fun and relaxed dinner with that special someone, happy hour with best friends, or lunch with your business colleagues. Visit us soon and try our grilled artichokes starter before it’s gone!