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Homemade Bread

Posted Date: November 20, 2014

If the thought of warm, freshly-baked bread served with whipped butter makes your mouth water, head to Paul Martin’s to experience our new selection of homemade bread!


Paul Martin’s has teamed up with an outstanding Los Angeles’ artisan bakery, Larder Baking Company, to serve delicious, fresh homemade bread baked right in our kitchen. Since 2008, Larder Baking Company’s founders’ Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have perfected their Los Angeles restaurants’ homemade bread, working closely with Nathan Dakdouk to craft their own artisan line. Quick facts about this dream team:

Suzanne Goin
suzanne_goinAs an esteemed chef and restauranteur, Suzanne Goin’s culinary achievements have been recognized by the prestigious James Beard Foundation and International Association of Culinary Professionals. In addition to her successful restaurants and cookbooks, she is also the founding member of Lunch Matters, a program serving healthy school lunch menus.

Caroline Syne
caroline_styneAmong the most respected restauraneurs in California, Caroline Styne began her work in the food industry at the mere age of 22. She has been recognized by reputable publications such as Food & Wine magazine, Bon Appetit, and the Los Angeles Times, and is the co-founder of L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, a fundraiser benefiting research for childhood cancer.

Nathan Dakdouk
As a young boy in Venezuela, Nathan Dakdouk dreamed of becoming a baker and became an apprentice at 12 years old to Jean-Pierre, the Head Chef at his boarding school. His career blossomed after college and once in California, he became the head baker for Suzanne and Caroline’s bread program. He has since crafted homemade bread with secret recipes and passion.


Pairing Larder Baking Company’s top chefs and top-quality ingredients (100% organic, GMO-free, and vegan) with Paul Martin’s top-quality seasonal ingredients is the perfect match.

Our Bistro Burger, starring fresh ground natural Angus beef with black pepper aioli, is even more delectable served on a lightly toasted Larder Baking Company’s classic Pan Di Mie style hamburger bun. The French bun has enough oomph to keep this juicy burger together. We also offer this tasty bun for our vegetarian three-mushroom patty and our sustainable grilled salmon sandwich. Another favorite is the crisp crust and light, airy pockets of Larder Baking Company’s whole wheat ciabatta roll. Enjoy this homemade bread option, prepared for our tantalizing French dip. Our French dip’s ciabatta roll is generously spread with garlic butter, topped with roasted beef, and served with our house-made au jus.

As always, all our food is made from scratch in our kitchen, and comes to you fresh, delicious, and ready to devour! Which dish will you try next? We recommend something with fresh homemade bread from Larder Baking Company. Enjoy!