Sustainable Fishery – Town Dock Calamari

Our menu offers Town Dock Calamari from Wickford, Rhode Island, a sustainable fishery. With their own boats and private vessels, Town Down catches the calamari locally, hand-cleans each catch, and packs it to the highest standards in the industry. So, what’s on your plate? The best, highest quality calamari on the market. We soak our calamari in buttermilk, toss it in flour, flash fry it, and season with salt and pepper. Each order is served with our housemade cocktail sauce, chili aioli, and fresh cut lemons. At Paul Martin’s American Grill, we made a commitment to source our product from sustainable fisheries and are proud to serve Town Down Calamari! To see more on our menus, click here.

Homemade Bread

If the thought of warm, freshly-baked bread served with whipped butter makes your mouth water, head to Paul Martin’s to experience our new selection of homemade bread! Paul Martin’s has teamed up with an outstanding Los Angeles’ artisan bakery, Larder Baking Company, to serve delicious, fresh homemade bread baked right in our kitchen. Since 2008, Larder Baking Company’s founders’ Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have perfected their Los Angeles restaurants’ homemade bread, working closely with Nathan Dakdouk to craft their own artisan line. Quick facts about this dream team: Suzanne Goin As an esteemed chef and restauranteur, Suzanne Goin’s culinary achievements have been recognized by the prestigious James Beard Foundation and International Association of Culinary Professionals. In addition to her successful restaurants and cookbooks, she is also the founding member of Lunch Matters, a program serving healthy school lunch menus. Caroline Syne Among the most respected restauraneurs in California, Caroline […]

Grilled Artichokes

Fall has arrived at Paul Martin’s American Grill! Enjoy the crisp autumn air with our delicious seasonal fall menu, now featuring our grilled artichokes. Offered at lunch and dinner, this is the perfect autumn appetizer to start your made-from-scratch dining experience at Paul Martin’s. Seasoned to perfection and grilled traditionally over a mesquite fire, this wholesome starter is served with pesto aioli and grilled lemon on the side. Our wine experts have recommended sipping a refreshing, chilled Kelly Fleming Sauvignon Blanc with your mesquite grilled artichokes to truly enhance the alluring flavors. As with all our farm-fresh produce, we’ve meticulously selected the best ripened, fresh artichokes from sun-drenched Castroville, California. Artichokes have flourished here since the 1920s in the Mediterranean-like climate, from where they originated. Along with selecting the perfect location to harvest our artichokes, Paul Martin’s waits for just the right time to purchase, prepare and serve our tasty […]

Do You Know Where Your Produce Comes From?

One of our purveyors, Sun Grown Organics, brings up a great point. "People don’t know where their produce comes from anymore. Mass-produced this and processed-that. What happened to real food grown by real people?" In business for over 20 years in San Diego, Sun Grown cultivates microgreens, microherbs, sprouts, micro mixes, specialty greens and shoots, and edible blossoms. Paul Martin’s® works with a variety of produce growers and suppliers to always put the freshest, most vibrant greens on our plates. Earthbound Farm has been organic since their beginning in 1984, and in 1986 was actually the first to successfully produce the pre-washed, packaged lettuces that we all purchase in the supermarket today. Their certified organic California greens are still produced with the guidance of the original founders and the same commitment to quality. At Paul Martin’s® American Bistro and Paul Martin’s® American Grill, we appreciate the expertise and dedication of our purveyors, and know our guests will as well! At […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Supports Local Purveyors

In keeping with their mission "From the Market by the Season” Paul Martin’s American Bistro has always stocked their kitchen and bar with fresh, local & sustainable goods. These dedicated restaurateurs haven’t simply relied on their original list of purveyors to provide the foundation of their seasonal menus.  Instead, they have supported local farmers both through active participation in organizations like PlacerGrown and American Farmland Trust and in their ongoing work building relationships with a growing number of organic and sustainable farmers to expand their network of purveyors.  This creates not only a fantastic dining experience for Paul Martin’s guests, but also exposes each of their customers to the benefits of seasonal local foods fresh from the market, hopefully building awareness and increasing demand for quality foods grown with a conscience. For many diners, the idea of eating fresh, local ingredients is pleasing, but finding out what really goes into […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Vendor Spotlight ~ Bellwether Farms

Bellwether Farms, a family owned and operated farm, is located in Sonoma County, California, about an hour north of San Francisco, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Their cheeses are used by chefs in many of the finest restaurants across the country, including Paul Martin’s American Bistro, and are regularly featured in The New York Times, Martha Stewart, Sunset Magazine, and gourmet food publications everywhere. Bellwether Farms raises East Friesian sheep, a Northern European breed of sheep. They are among the best milk producing sheep in the world. Taller than ordinary sheep, they’re known for their relatively long and pointy ears. Each ewe has from one to three lambs each year (though four or five is not uncommon) and these lambs stay with the mother for 45 days before milking begins. Bellwether sheep are free to roam the pasture year round, but they’re also fed grain and alfalfa to keep them in […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Serves Up Sustainable Wines

"Eat organic. Believe in sustainable. Buy local. Love fresh" is the mantra of Paul Martin’s American Bistro, but we don’t stop there, think: “Drink organic. Believe in sustainable.” At Paul Martin’s American Bistro we are proud to serve sustainable wines. Why sustainable wines? Because sustainable farming practices result in healthier soil, balanced grapes and higher quality wines. One of our sustainable vineyards is Parducci Wine Cellars. Parducci is family farmed, locally owned and operated in Mendocino County. They are committed to sustainable winegrowing practices, protecting the environment and supporting the community and local farmers; to be America’s “greenest” winery. Parducci is the first carbon neutral winery in the U.S. (calculating the winery’s total climate-damaging emissions, reducing them where possible, and then taking responsibility for the remaining footprint by investing in carbon credits).  They use recycled paper for all labels, packaging, stationery, and other printed material; case boxes are made from recycled, chlorine-free corrugated […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Serves Columbia River Sustainable Salmon

By John of Paul Martin’s American Bistro Dear Fish Loving PMABBERS"¦ I know the whole salmon thing is confusing, since many people call what we, at Paul Martin’s American Bistro are serving "Steelhead Trout" and others refer to it as "Steelhead Salmon," and still others call it "Rainbow Trout." For any of you who are interested, here’s the technical answer: Steelhead Salmon and Rainbow Trout are the same species, both having the scientific name Oncorhynchus mykiss. The main difference is that Rainbow Trout spends their life in fresh water, but Steelhead (O. mykiss) are anadromous, meaning that they live in both fresh and salt water. On average, O. mykiss will live for around 7 years in fresh water, and then 3 years in salt water, where they can travel hundreds of miles before returning to fresh water to spawn. Each adult female can lay 1000 eggs, but usually only one will […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro Vendor Spotlight ~ Frog’s Leap

Frog’s Leap Winery is located in Rutherford, CA, and is one of our premier wine suppliers to both restaurants. Winemakers, John Williams and Paula Moschetti, believe that organic growing is all about what you can do, and that when it come to the their wines, anything less than organically grown is a compromise. They dry farm over 200 acres of certified organic vineyards. Frog’s Leap Winery is not only certified organic, but is 100% solar-powered, has added geothermal heating and cooling to its “green” energy program, and has built a new Hospitality Center and Administrative Office according to the LEED standards. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They are committed to being better stewards of the environment, and strive to be pro-active community citizens supporting worthy environmental and social goals. True leaders in sustainable agriculture! Paul Martin’s American Bistro ~ El Segundo will host the first (and hopefully annual) Frog’s Leap Southern California Fellowship Social […]

Paul Martin’s American Bistro now Serving Pitman Family Farms Hormone Free Chicken

Article by John Bauccio Dear PMABBERS"¦We’ve made a couple of changes that I wanted you to know about"¦ First, Our Chicken: We are now using chicken from Pitman Family Farms, a family business that has been raising poultry in Sanger, California since 1954. The bird we are using is called "Mary’s Chicken" and in addition to our normal standard of all natural chicken, humanely raised without hormones, this chicken is air chilled. That means that when a chicken is "˜harvested’ and plucked, it is normally put into a huge bath of chlorinated cold water to cool the bird. As you can imagine, this not only waters down the taste of the chicken, but also allows for possible (or perhaps probable) cross contamination. Mary’s Chickens are air chilled, which not only maintains the flavor and prevents the spread of nasty bacteria, it saves the farm (and all of us) about 30,000 gallons […]