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Paul Martin’s American Bistro now Serving Pitman Family Farms Hormone Free Chicken

Posted Date: June 8, 2010

Article by John Baucciopitman-family-farms2

Dear PMABBERS"¦We’ve made a couple of changes that I wanted you to know about"¦

First, Our Chicken:

We are now using chicken from Pitman Family Farms, a family business that has been raising poultry in Sanger, California since 1954. The bird we are using is called "Mary’s Chicken" and in addition to our normal standard of all natural chicken, humanely raised without hormones, this chicken is air chilled. That means that when a chicken is "˜harvested’ and plucked, it is normally put into a huge bath of chlorinated cold water to cool the bird. As you can imagine, this not only waters down the taste of the chicken, but also allows for possible (or perhaps probable) cross contamination. Mary’s Chickens are air chilled, which not only maintains the flavor and prevents the spread of nasty bacteria, it saves the farm (and all of us) about 30,000 gallons of fresh water a day"¦

In the near future we may also change our turkey to Mary’s, so stay tuned.

Here are a couple of pictures, first of the free roaming chickens, then of the air chilling system, and then the family.

Now, a little on our eggs"¦

Our eggs come from Glaum Ranch, another California family farm that has been selling eggs from their cage free chickens since 1953. These eggs are certified organic, humane, and also come from chickens that run around all day long"¦glaum-egg-ranch1